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    Leveling Guide

    Lex aka KangFei
    Lex aka KangFei

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    Leveling Guide Empty Leveling Guide

    Post by Lex aka KangFei on Wed Apr 08, 2009 6:31 pm

    You can get family/guild quest from NPC at Slyriver. They have daily quest which give you experience. And also get the Dispelled Curse quest from Apostle daily. Form a party to kill this special mob according to your level and location. Or ask for guild higher lvl to help kill, we will not hesistate to help if we are free or not afk.

    Daily quest will be refresh everyday on 12am.

    From level 1 to 15
    SlyRiver Town

    NPC Zhou Zi Xian

    Go through the ingame tutorial first. This will let you have a brief understanding on how the game works.

    After that, take the 2x time experience buff(2hours) tigerous and tiger ice crystal quest from Zhou Zi Xian - which increase your attack and defense. I would recommended you take them and grind for this specific 2 hours. After the 2x experience, you may start doing your quest. Recommended to do your Celestial Destroyer main quest only. Certain quest are too time consuming. It actually slow down your leveling. But of course, if you are patient and love doing quest go for it.

    If you are out of quests by any chance, do the journey or adventure quests that comes along~After grinding, and done all the quests, you should be able to level until 15 before you make your way to GreenCloud.

    From level 15 to 30
    GreenCloud Map

    Now for each map, there's a Quest Officer. Speak to him to get exp quest. It will be repeatly refresh after you turn in your quest.

    From lvl 15 to 17 : Black Boar and Songsan
    From lvl 17 to 19 : Wild Boar and Witty Monkey
    From lvl 20 to 23 : Sword Slayer,Blademason, Felina
    From lvl 24 to 26 : Flamekin Scouts, Veve
    From lvl 27 to 29 : Flamekin Scouts,Whelptooth Felina


    From level 30 to 45
    Skytone Temple

    Same thing. Quest Officer. Note, sometimes officer randomly give you Orange colour quest. This quest give you good reward. Do it!

    Level 30 to 32 : BlackBear, Raven
    Level 33 to 35 : Raven, Bandit, Skeleton Soldiers
    Level 36 to 37 : Bandit, Skeleton Soldiers
    Level 38 to 39 : Skeleton Archers, Felon
    Level 40 to 42 : Redcloud Evil Monk, BloodLust Monk
    Level 43 to 45 : Feral Crow, BloodLust Monk


    From level 45 to 60

    Quest Officer.

    Level 46 to 48 : Venom Spider, Flowerish Spider
    Leve 48 to 49 : Flowerish Spider, Iron Crab, Crab Crawler
    Level 49 to 51 : Iron Crab, Crab Crawler
    Level 51 to 55 : Ridrasus Sea Robbers, Ridrasus Mermaid
    Level 55 to 57 : Ridrasus Pirates, Satyr
    Level 57 to 60 : Satyr, Blood Spider


    From level 60 to 75

    Starting from level 60 until level 150, you will get quests from the Physician which require you to kill 1k mobs of the same mob. The reward is Proof of Full Energy and give it to the Dream Master in Slyriver at Kingsbite Forest which give u exp according to your level.

    Level 60 to 63 : Deadmire Giantilisks, Deadmire Lost Souls
    Level 63 to 65 : Poison Ants, Carrion Ants
    Level 65 to 67 : Maong, Deadmire Ironilisks
    Level 68 to 69 : Deadmire Mermans
    Level 69 to 72 : Deadmire Mermans, Deadmire Shade
    Level 72 to 73 : Deadmire Shade, Peach Dryad
    Level 73 to 75 : Deadmire Dryad, Peach Dryad


    From level 75 to 90

    Most of the mobs in here are aggro except the lizards.

    If you don't have stun resistance or paralyze resistance, it will be advised to skip the 1k mob quest on Desolate Fighter.

    Level 75 to 78 : Desolate Lizards
    Level 78 to 80 : SandWorm, SandMan
    Level 81 to 84 : Desolate Wraiths
    Level 84 to 86 : Desolate Wizards
    Level 86 to 88 : Asura Birds, Grim Claw
    Level 88 to 90 : Feral Lion, Desolate Giants

    Note the 1000 mob quest is good. Do it all the way to lvl 90. As for me, i personally skip all quest except 1000 mob. I'm a lazy type of person, only use shaded moon to grind all day. Hee.

    Hope this help.

    I will post how to make yourself unique amulet and blood refinement of your kozo soon.

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