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    ~Fishing Guide~!


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    ~Fishing Guide~!

    Post by TaikiSan on Fri May 08, 2009 9:43 pm

    Fishing Guide
    ZX Online has one interesting (and a money-making one, too) feature that would surely endear to all players of the game -- FISHING!
    Everyone is guarenteed to get something from fishing. It could be worth only 1 bronze or as much as 4g.

    The fishing quest first becomes available at Lvl 9. This quest is one of the available daily (or periodical) quests in the game. You can actually fish 6 times in 1 day at the designated times.
    The fishing quest is announced server-wide. The first announcement is broadcasted 10 minutes before the actual start of the one-hour fishing period.
    And the second announcement is broadcasted upon the start of the one-hour fishing period.
    It is not neccessary that you take the quest on the start of the fishing period. Anytime during the one-hour fishing period (even at the last minute), the quest is available to you.
    The available one-hour fishing periods everyday are the following:
    The time shown in-game uses a military time format. So, converting the above info to the 12-hour format...
    0:00-1:00 --> 12am to 1am (that's 12 midnight)
    8:00-9:00 --> 8am to 9am
    12:00-13:00 --> 12pm to 1pm (that's 12 noon)
    15:00-16:00 --> 3pm to 4pm
    18:00-19:00 --> 6pm to 7pm
    21:00-22:00 --> 9pm to 10pm
    These are the Malaysian Times.

    The Fishing NPC's name is Zuo Guanyu and he is located at this spot: Sly River (126 150)
    When you take the quest from him within the allowed fishing period, he'll give you a bait. Along with the bait are instructions on where to correctly use that bait. If you use the bait on the wrong spot,
    you will get an error message saying that you don't have the right tool to accomplish the task. But if you do use it on the right spot, you'll get something (hopefully expensive) from the water below.
    The Fishing NPC will give you one (and only one) bait within one fishing period. The bait you will get is one of four possible baits. Each bait can be used on only one of the four fishing rod sites available
    on the Slyriver map. The item description on the bait clearly states where it could be used for fishing. So, it is strongly suggested that you read the bait's description before you leave and run
    randomly towards nowhere.
    It is also possible that you need not use the bait right away. Meaning you can keep your baits for a while and let them stack up until you decide to use them. Unfortunately, the baits are untradeable
    (to other players) and undroppable.
    It is also good to note that the baits (any of the four) can be used outside of the scheduled fishing periods.
    Ex. You got a bait during the 8am to 9am fishing period (maybe like at 8:59am). But due to some circumstances (lag, slow reader, a friend hails you, etc.) you are delayed to get to the correct fishing spot
    for your bait. Do not worry. You could still use that bait and the fishing rod as long as they are the correct set or match up.

    The four possible baits that the Fishing NPC will give you are the following:

    -- FumbleBloom Fish Bait (purple in color)
    Common fish bait which can be used for fishing at the surrounding area of the bridge located at the southern part of Slyriver.
    -- Earthworm Bait (red in color)
    Common fish bait which can be used for fishing at the small lake beside the Passionaire Tree located south of Slyriver.
    -- Rice Worm Bait (white in color)
    Common fish bait which can be used for fishing at Truehorn Pass located north of Slyriver.
    -- Larva Bait (green in color)
    Common fish bait which can be used for fishing at the Lotus Pond located inside Slyriver.

    The four possible fishing rod sites are the following:

    -- Fumblebloom Fish Bait (purple in color)
    location: Beside the bridge south of Slyriver (168 -159)
    -- EarthWorm Bait (red in color)
    location: Beside the little pond at the Acasia Tree (49 -388)
    -- Rice Worm Bait (white in color)
    location: Beside the tree on the left shore of Truehorn Pass (-80 433)
    -- Larva Bait (green in color)
    location: Lotus Pond directly in front of the Fishing NPC (128 108)

    Possible Items To Get While Fishing:
    Strange Scroll
    Knowledge Portrait(10b)
    Dark Amulet Scheme(10b)
    Loyalty Invitation
    Fishing Voucher
    Dwarvy Fish(3g)
    Stoneridge Herring(35s)
    Twintail Fish(10s)
    Water Ghost(15s)
    Phoenix Carp(25s)
    Wet Horses Head
    Pig Head(10b)
    Smelt Gum(1b)
    Worm Fishnet(1b)
    Centuried Mud Lump
    Siphon Flora(1b)
    Inseperated Fish(20s)
    More to come.......

    Fishing Competition
    character level45
    Fishing Voucher(you can get this by fishing)
    available only in servers 1 to 5 @ 18:00-19:00 --> 6pm to 7pm
    Pick-up the quest from the traveling fisherman(123, 144) in Slyriver. select the third option and he gives you 10 baits. Teleport to Ridrasus and go to -200 108. You should see fishing rods on the spot.
    Right click on your bait first and then click on the fishing rod. If no fishing rod is free just keep trying. There are only about 16 rods total and a lot more players than that at the spot. You have 1 hour
    to fish. If you dont get all your bait done, dont worry, you can use it the next day or whenever you want in the future during the times of the fishing competition.
    The Winner is the first player to catch the Catfish
    5 Runners up will get Tuna
    Everyone else will catch random fish and items which like normal fishing are all worth money. Some as little as 10 bronze some are worth as much as 20g.
    Possible Items To Get While Fishing:
    Glyph Stones(10 bronze each)
    Stoneridge Herring(35s)
    Catfish(turn into the traveling fisherman(123, 144))
    Tuna(turn into the traveling fisherman(123, 144))
    StakeFish(Gives Experience Based on Level)
    Cruwill Shrimp(20g)
    Lex aka KangFei
    Lex aka KangFei

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    Re: ~Fishing Guide~!

    Post by Lex aka KangFei on Mon May 11, 2009 10:06 am

    <------ noob

    i never fish before at all! lol

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    Re: ~Fishing Guide~!

    Post by SweE on Mon May 11, 2009 12:22 pm

    Lex = noob = gay

    tell us something we don't know yet =x

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    Re: ~Fishing Guide~!

    Post by TaikiSan on Mon May 11, 2009 2:03 pm

    I Hope This Guide Helped, At Least Abit. What a Face

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    Re: ~Fishing Guide~!

    Post by Ling'eR on Tue May 12, 2009 12:14 pm

    TaikiSan our fisher lolz i never fish b4.. me = noob also.

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    Re: ~Fishing Guide~!

    Post by ColdFire on Tue May 12, 2009 4:53 pm

    I really cant belive it.. so many ppl nvr fish b4 ??!!~

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    Re: ~Fishing Guide~!

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