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    Keepsakes Guide


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    Keepsakes Guide Empty Keepsakes Guide

    Post by TaikiSan on Fri May 08, 2009 10:20 pm

    Keepsake quest is from the the Xiao Huan NPC next to Zhu Yuxian in Hayang city. It is repeatable once a day and can give you a significant boost in exp. Upon starting the quest you receive 20 Keepsakes. You also need a partner of the opposite gender with the same quest and you must be in the only two in the party.

    For Males

    1. Talk to Matchmaker
    2. Take quest : Efficacious Augury
    3. Talk to Azure (5:00 timer)
    4. Choose option C
    5. Choose Key Of Heartfelt
    6. Have your female partner drop Chain Of Heartfelt
    7. Pick up the Chain Of Heartfelt and take both the Chain and the Key to the matchmaker for a reward.
    8. Repeat

    For Females

    1. After male accepts quest at the Moon Matchmaker talk to Xu Qingyi .
    2. Wait for him to come near you.
    3. Drop the Chain Of Heartfelt
    4. Wait for male partner to hand in his quest then take the Efficacious Augury quest again.

    Level 10-14 receives 300 exp per keepsake for a total of 6,000 exp per day.
    Level 15-29 receives 5,000 exp per keepsakes for total of 100,000 exp per day.
    Level 30-44 receives 22,500 exp per keepsake for a total of 450,000 exp per day.
    Level 45-59 receives 52,500 exp per keepsake for a total of 1,050,000 exp per day.
    Level 60-74 receives 104,000 exp per keepsake for a total of 2,080,000 exp per day

    **** Great Tip : Have Your Male Character Hold 20 Chains In Inventory, Get The Chains By Making lvl 10 Alt Female Character Do Keepsake And After She Gets Chain, Abandon Quest. You Can Take Your Key And Chain You Have In Invent And Just Talk To Matchmaker After Talking To Azurez, And The Female Can Just Stay At Xu Qingyi And Answer The Keepsake Questions.****

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