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    Family Skills Upgrade.

    Lex aka KangFei
    Lex aka KangFei

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    Family Skills Upgrade. Empty Family Skills Upgrade.

    Post by Lex aka KangFei on Thu Apr 09, 2009 10:37 am

    Hi everyone, below are the details from lvl 1 to lvl 3 family skills. As for lvl 4 onwards,Its just simple killing of those normal mobs. Just refer to the Quest requirements will do.

    Lvl 1

    Rabid Witty Monkey: Channel 6 (314, -216) GreenCloud, Also might be found at: (-315, 105) in channel 13

    Highvile Blademason: Channel 5 (369, 292) GreenCloud

    Highvile Witty Monkey: Channel 9 (431, 416) GreenCloud, Also can be found at Channel 4 (200, -200) Greencloud

    Rabid Blademason: Channel 13 (102, 404) GreenCloud

    Lvl 2

    Items needed:

    -Tigerskin Stone

    -Bone of Punisher

    -City Bloom

    -Water Globe

    These items come from doing Orange Quests from the Quest Officer Faming (-151, -101) in SkyTone. Everytime you pick up and turn in a quest from the quest officer, the list of quests he offers changes. So you need to pick up lots of quests and check his quest list after you turn EACH one in. Eventually an Orange quest will show in his quests for you.

    The items needed are the end rewards from those Orange quests.

    If thats too much work for you, you can usually find people selling the items on channel 1 in SlyRiver. But they arent cheap. Usually 50g-75g each.

    I personally feel its too time consuming to do the orange quest.

    Lvl 3

    Highville Evil Monk: Channel 9 (256, 197) Skytone

    Rabid Evil Monk: Channel 3 (-130, 368) Skytone

    Rabid Venom Spider: Channel 6 & 12 (-106, 348) Ridrasus

    Highville Venom Spider: Channel 4 (-277, 430) Ridrasus

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