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    SweE computer is down,


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    SweE computer is down, - Page 2 Empty Re: SweE computer is down,

    Post by ghost on Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:26 pm

    For those who can't login
    Kindly download UltraVpn (A program) from : www.ultravpn.fr
    Download the software and then set it up
    Go back to www.ultravpn.fr - Register an account
    Close all the programs -For eg. Yahoo messenger, Msn, Friendster, CDO
    After closing all the programs, Open your UltraVpn
    Log it in, you should have you id n password - Obtain from Step 4
    When you login, several details will start to appear in the VPN
    Just wait for around 10 seconds, a new ip popout will appear at the bottom right corner of desktop,
    The ip will start from 10.XX.X.XXX <- Something like this.. lols..
    When you get a new ip address, open ur CDO and try to login
    You should be able to get into the game but with a 1 sec delay. Ping is around 643MS. Dont worry about that, been 3 days i am using it to play. For me, i still can do my gold quest / dailies..

    For those who still cant
    Close ur cdo again,
    Press reconnect on your UltraVpn
    Login , then wait for a new ip
    Open your cdo and try again.

    If still cannot then i think we need a 1 to 1 explanation lols... Hope this helps.
    My msn is spiiritdevilz@hotmail.com , any part you dont understand or need further guide can add me in there. =)
    With loves: GuiGhost Wink

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