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    ~*~*~ Lvl 75 Galaxy Quest Boss Locations ~*~*~

    Lex aka KangFei
    Lex aka KangFei

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    ~*~*~ Lvl 75 Galaxy Quest Boss Locations ~*~*~ Empty ~*~*~ Lvl 75 Galaxy Quest Boss Locations ~*~*~

    Post by Lex aka KangFei on Thu Apr 23, 2009 6:37 pm

    1st boss : Capital BoneHills (areas around Nirvana Sanctuary is a possible spawning location, area below and above the CapitalBoneHills area in the map where there a lot of Desolate Wraiths, it will also spawn near the chain area of the Capital Bonehills Statue, grimclaw and asura area)

    2nd boss : Near the path of Konryun

    3rd boss: Just above the 2nd boss, he normally spawn at the path way, so be alert , he can also be at the IceFlow Pond too.

    4th boss : Despair Field

    5th boss: Saltmire, near the NPC and Ancient Ruins, sometimes it also spawn below the DragonTail Circle

    6th boss : Just below the town, it should spawn arodund the lizards area and somewhere to the right of the circled part, check out the crossroad too.

    7th boss : Check out the DarkCloud Sea and Monarch Crypt, and be careful as he sometimes will spawn in a group of Desolate Fighters, they stun hard Surprised

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    ~*~*~ Lvl 75 Galaxy Quest Boss Locations ~*~*~ Empty Re: ~*~*~ Lvl 75 Galaxy Quest Boss Locations ~*~*~

    Post by cherriex on Thu Apr 23, 2009 7:11 pm

    Hi Myths, i guess this Map shown a clear understanding of the boss locations.

    ~*~*~ Lvl 75 Galaxy Quest Boss Locations ~*~*~ Lv75gx10

    6th & 7th boss are the most important bosses which need 2 lvl 90 to guard them.
    It can be easily done for 3 rounds..

    Good Luck


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